A Batty Idea

I don’t usually do much decorating for Halloween. But this year with a new toddler in tow, I was inspired to do something fast, easy and out of reach.

After finding this bat template online, I scrounged around for some leftover construction paper and created this:


Halloween bats

Although it might be hard to tell on your screen, the bats have a 3D effect. And it was really simple to do. Here’s what I did:

I found a bat template online from Country Living here.



I also used what I had. I didn’t have a felt, and I didn’t have a long sheet of black construction paper. I had scraps of black construction paper, which made the project take a little longer. Basically, I had to cut twice as much of them since I couldn’t just fold a long piece of construction paper and cut around it to make a single long bat.




Instead of one intact wing, for example, I had to cut out two individual pieces and adhere them together with tape.
Taping bats


After folding them in half as if they were one long bat, you could barely tell the difference.


Once it was done, I stuck tape on the back of each and then sporadically patterned my wall with them. {Tip: double-sided tape would be easier than my single sided one.}

Three bats

In the end, I thought the flock (is that what you call a group of bats?) looked eerily alive:

Halloween bat parade

What are you doing to decorate your space this Halloween?

Halloween paper bats

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Halloween Fun on a Friday

{photo source} It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is a mere weeks away. If you’re on a mission to find holiday ideas that are fast, easy and inexpensive, you’ll love this post! I’ve compiled a few tips I’ve discovered over the years that makes planning a Halloween party or just preparing to go to one, painless and fun. So here we go!

1. Easy as pumpkin pie! Halloween celebrations don’t have to be all blood and gory (unless you want it too!), it could also be about that orange little guy that comes out just once a year. And what does he do best? Pumpkin pie, of course!

You may not believe you can create a pumpkin pie in a jiffy. But I have proof you can. My non-baking husband made a pumpkin pie from scratch (no canned pumpkin here sir!). And he didn’t slave over the stove either. There was no flour on sweaty forehead, pots and pans filled up in sink or pumpkin splat everywhere either.

The secret?

Trader Joe’s baby pumpkins. They actually sell them with recipes for pumpkin pie attached.

In the end, his pumpkin was easy to bake, fast and yummy! The proof was, in this case, in the pumpkin pie!

2. Carve a cookie. Last year a bunch of us came together to do a pumpkin carving challenge. While it was fun, it got a little messy and somewhat scary with all those knives involved.

If you’re looking for something to do with kids, you might want to try decorating pumpkin cookies or cupcakes instead. Create pumpkin cookie challenges letting them decorate their sweet treats with gum drop eyes and licorice smiles. It’s much safer and less messy than the real thing! {Tip: Check out MarthaStewart.com for Halloween inspired cookies and have fun personalizing it with your favorite Halloween candy to make it extra special.}

3. Make your pumpkins sparkle! Another alternative idea to pumpkin carving is to create pumpkin ornaments. I made it last year and it’s so easy and fast to do, it’s almost too good to be true. They are sparkly and fun, make great gifts for Christmas, holiday decor come Thanksgiving and a party idea that lets guests take home their own DIY favors. {Tip: You’ll need lots of newspapers because the glitter can get kind of messy.}

A site called Bulb in Blue requested my how-to on their website. You can check it out here.

Glittery Pumpkins from BRANDI-ANN UYEMURA on Vimeo.

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