The Surprising Trick to Figure Out Your Life Purpose


What if the key to discovering your true purpose lied hidden, placed somewhere you never looked?

What if it’s not in your strengths that reveal your passion, but your weaknesses?

Is it possible that the qualities you thought were your worst traits are actually your strongest?

Could it be that others have deemed them misgivings because they are intimidated by them?

Maybe you’re not bossy, but you have leadership qualities that are not being taken advantage of.

Maybe your indecisiveness is a consequence of being compassionate and your flightiness is the result of unused creativity.

Think about all the things you’re trying to hide in your life out of fear you’ll be rejected. Maybe those are the very characteristics that would lead to your true purpose.

If you release your fear of being judged (*and your need to judge others) you might just discover the “you” that the world needs.

Chew on that in 2016.

*Addition via Cathy’s comment below.

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5 Ways to Inject Spirituality & Meaning Into Your Every Day

Bored with your daily life? It’s actually simple and easy to transform the mundane into the magical. If you can carve out a few minutes into your busy schedule, you’ve got time to infuse meaning right now.

{Etsy art by LeslieAllenFineArt}

Etsy art by LeslieAllenFineArt

1) Meditate.

It’s simple, but true. Research proves that meditation can bring meaning to those suffering from life-threatening illness and life-transforming change. But if the idea of sitting in silence seems daunting, try this. Oprah and Deepak offer a reoccurring free 21-day meditation series. This one is on expanding your happiness. It’s beautifully done and you won’t have to do it on your own. Listen as they direct you on a journey toward meaning making whether you’re in your living room or outdoors.

2) Create a living list.

Instead of a “bucket list” of things to do before you die, compose a list of things to celebrate your life. Then actually make them happen. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was join a choir. Recently, I saw an invitation for new singers to join a community choir group. I’m nervous, but excited to check this one off my list!

3) Pray.

This need not be a religious thing. You don’t need to pray to a God or gods. You only need to silence your mind long enough to say a prayer to yourself. Ask whoever is listening (yourself included) for a sign, guidance or simply say, “Thanks!” Tuning into yourself can raise awareness and put you in touch with a deeper calling in your life.

4) Give back.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook to see what your friends, family and acquaintances are doing, think about ways you can creatively give back. This could be something as easy as giving a loved one your undivided attention or doing something more extensive like donating time or your money. When we give back to others, we’re given so much more.

5) Do one thing that lights you up.

Think back to a moment that made you shine. Was it dancing, painting, or listening to an inspiring podcast? You deserve time for pleasure. When we devote moments to doing things we love, life opens up.

What do you do to attract more meaning in your own life?

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Embrace Your Weirdness

{Etsy journal by WordsIGiveBy}

{Etsy journal by WordsIGiveBy}

I spent the majority of my youth, shying away from what made me weird. I hated to stick out from the crowd so I used of a great deal of energy trying my best to dumb it down.

Boy do I wish I hadn’t done that.

When age allowed me the freedom to be my weird self, I realized that what made me unique was a gift, not a weakness. If everyone was the same, life would be boring, if not, impossible. It’s the things that separate us as people that helps us to survive, thrive and to be human. In fact, if you can hone in on what it is about you that sets you apart from a friend or neighbor, you might discover the key to your life’s purpose.

On Oprah’s Master Class, Diahann Carroll says the following about her childhood:

“I was being singled out. I was being, ‘Who does she think she is?’ kind of. It’s part of why people respond to you. It’s seeing the need you have to share whatever you have that makes you special. The unkind things that they say and do, it’s because you threaten them. Your responsibility is to find out why do you think you’re special and is it something that you can pursue and where will you find your support group? We always criticize each other first.”

Her advice is key to finding and fulfilling your passion. To figure it out, you must first devote time to discovering what people criticize you most about. What are they talking about when they ask, “What makes you think you can do this when no one else can?” It’s this type of feedback which feels harsh and judgmental that can signal you to what you were really meant to do in life.

Although I didn’t feel this way at the time, I now am grateful for those people in my life. It reminded me that I did have something to offer the world. My gift bubbled up to the surface because of the people who pointed it out.

As Marianne Williamson has been quoted as saying many times over: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

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Use Magic to Find Meaning In Your Life

There is something magical about this moment.

It’s the only one you’ll ever have.

Whether you’re grieving over a loss, bored out of your mind, or simply enjoying the ordinariness of this moment, if you can take the time to appreciate how fleeting it all is, you’ll find meaning in your life.

As I sit here on the bare floor writing pen in hand, I am listening to the rain while observing my 7-year-old mini lop bunny hopping around me and pushing his soft nose in my chubby knees. It’s a thing to marvel at. Maybe you don’t find anything magical about a person and their rabbit journaling maybe self-indulgently about their life. But that’s just because you don’t see what I see.

Magical moments are not simply ones that make dreams transpire out of nothing, but being able to notice the moment without being so busy you let it all pass you by.

When life feels uninspiring and void of meaning it’s because you’ve drained it of its magic. You tell yourself:

“I know everything.”

“I’ve seen everything.”

You’ve become closed to age and time. And being the weary-traveler, you shut yourself out to anything new, any potential for possibility in your life.

When you shut out magic, you open the door to a meaningless life.

Your life isn’t meant to be strictly a huge to-do list of insurmountable tasks and brag worthy accomplishments. It’s meant to flourish, to savor, to share love and joy, to teach and to live. When you’re closed off to chance and live by the book, you leave little room for all the good things in life like hope, courage, and faith.

According to, magic is:

“the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.;”

What appears to be deceptive is our own mind. In order to allow magical moments in we need to adopt the child’s mind, the ability not to know everything. And be okay with it. When we assume to know everything and make our way only with numbers, statistics and research to back it all up, we don’t leave room for chance. And chance is where things like magic, luck, serendipity and pure joy comes in.The reason why we won’t move forward unless we got a lot of left-brained thinking to back it up is fear. Being vulnerable reminds us of being shamed as a kid or foolish as a teen and no one wants to regrettably say, “I should have done that instead.”

But the only way to build up a meaningful life is to open yourself up to vulnerable moments. It’s walking in the rain without an umbrella. It’s moving courageously in the direction of your dreams rather than waiting for the “right” time.

If you’re truly searching for more meaning in your life, you’re going to need to get good at listening within. You’re going to have to forgo the outside chatter that says, “You’ll regret that,” or “You’re making a bad decision,” or “You’ll never do it,” and you’ll have to do it anyway.

You’re going to have to sit still enough to hear and appreciate that inner voice. You’re going to have to take chances when you were to fearful to do so in the past. It will take courage, patience and a lot of doubtful moments. But if you continue on the path despite all obstacles, you will find it. You will again return to the space that I’m currently in-quiet moment, wave of acceptance, gratitude and an unwavering openness to the unknown, fear on your back and eyes set forward.

It’s no way an easy place to be. But I promise you this…here you will find meaning.

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Confronting the Void

{by The Inspiring Bee}

There will come a time in your life when you don’t know what to do next.

You’ve done all you can to make things work, but you hit a rough spot. Not only that but that rock in the road suddenly becomes larger and deeper. And what at once seemed like a minor encumbrance becomes a vast void.

Stuck in it, you may feel empty, confused, hopeless and filled with despair. Life isn’t supposed to be this way right?

Or it’s not supposed to feel this hard especially when you’ve worked so hard thus far.

But it’s actually normal to feel this way. In fact, if you’re feeling stuck right now, revel in it. There’s a good chance change is coming your way.

<Cue in Flashback>

After college, I felt stuck for awhile. My butt and the floor of Borders were good friends. I went there almost every weeknight reading career and writing books hoping for the right one to drop on my head to tell me what I should do next. It took a few months, but gradually I began noticing signs.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for a class on Health Psychology, a field I had growing interest in. I also began hearing stories of fellow friends and classmates who took the leap and moved to the mainland. After months of hemming and hawing, I finally decided to enroll in graduate school. I got in on a whim having never studied the GRE and having applied a few weeks before the deadline.

But it came only after serious introspection, boredom, confusion and lots of time in the void.

If you’re spending some time there right now, take heart. It will end. Use it:

  • to rest
  • to make sure you’re on the right track
  • to breathe
  • to refocus your energies

It make feel scary right now. You may began to wander into self-doubt territory. And that’s okay. It’s all helping you to get closer to the person you want to be. It may be helping you to increase your patience, strengthen your faith, and push you to finally pursue your purpose. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t know the true reason why you’re stuck in the void.

The truth is you may not even been “stuck” at all.

In fact, you may be exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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Silencing All Voices But Your Own

{photo by The Inspiring Bee}

Do you hear it?

Probably not. Let me guess. You’re too busy typing, listening to music, pinning, updating your Facebook page, tweeting, or doing a Google search right?

I know the feeling. It’s been a great distractor for me too.

How Important is Social Media, etc.?

The thing is the farther we are from hearing our own voice, the greater the ocean between us and where we want to be.

The thing is the secret of living your purpose has little to do with all the stuff out there-the how-to articles, the get rich schemes, the social media strategies, etc.

But I get sucked into their trap too. I forget that all the knowledge that’s out there can only do so much. I forget that living my purpose is more about doing the inner work than anything in the physical world that I need to do.

My job in life isn’t to please others. It isn’t to figure out what I’m doing wrong so I can live right. The single purpose of my life is to be true to myself.

It is to listen to the little voice inside of me that says:

I’m on the right track

I’m hanging around the right people

I’m following the direction toward my purpose.

In The Purpose of Your Life, one of the people author Carol Adrienne interviews is gem artist Glen Lehrer. In it Lehrer shares a gem of advice on his journey to live his purpose:

“The pursuit of my purpose has not always been easy. There were times when things were so bad I went out and sole encyclopedias and waited tables. Sometimes you can’t see where you are going. When you don’t feel the world is supporting your efforts, you have to reach back to your life purpose, and remind yourself how far you’ve learned to survive so far.”

It’s scary living on the edge isn’t it?

But it’s much scarier sitting in a valley without any hope that life will be any different today than the one before.

The key to continue living in that nice spot where challenge and purpose meet is to spend as many moments as you can in silence. It’s sitting in quiet and asking the right questions.

There will be times when you won’t hear any answers, but criticism and self-doubt. But if you keep at it, there will be a stronger voice that with certainty says, “You’re on the right path. Keep going.”

And if you don’t hear it, you’ll feel it in your stomach, in the lightness of your chest, in the peace that surrounds your decision, whatever it may be.

Life isn’t easy. It was never meant to be. But if you can stay still, focused and serene while you’re enduring the wave of fear and insecurity, you will eventually move softly to the other side.

That I know for sure.

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The Five Steps to Discovering Your Niche

by guest blogger

Ever ask yourself, “Who am I?” Or, “What is my purpose in life?” Sometimes even when we think we have been walking on the right path, something happens to make us doubt our purpose. I have had that happen to me more than once. But sometimes getting clear means taking the time to ask ourselves a few questions to get on the right track.

I recently posted a blog on finding your niche. The process for me has been a difficult one. I wish I had read this guest post by Niche Clarity Coach Sherrie Koretke to help me get to my niche sooner. Finding your niche is definitely key to making sure you are on fulfilling your life’s purpose. Ready to get started? Here’s her inspiring story.

{flickr photo by: bbp}

Finding Your Purpose

For the longest time I felt a restlessness that wouldn’t go away. I knew deep inside that I was destined to do something very powerful but what that was eluded me for years. The need to know the meaning of my life and how to use that meaning became powerful.

So, I went on a journey of self-exploration in search for my life purpose. This search and the answers I discovered lead me to work professionally as a “Niche Clarity Coach.” I now help people design businesses around their own special niche and lifestyles.

I developed a process from my experiences and identified five questions that should be answered before you move towards creating your own niche. Taking the time to answer these questions can propel you into a new, exciting future.

Here are big five questions to ask in order to discover and create your own niche.

How Do I Help Others?

What is your life purpose, your day-to-day contribution to the people in your life? It could be as a healer, teacher, or a person who inspires or motivates others.

Why Am I Here to Help?

Professionally I labeled this as a Divine Calling, which is your contribution to the collective consciousness of the world. This would encompass bringing joy, happiness, love, peace, or enlightenment to everyone.

Who or What Do I Help?

Who or what pulls at your heart and you feel motivated to help? Be specific on the types of people, animals, environment, or culture that you relate to and desire to work with more than others.

Where Do I Do My Work?

Questions to ask yourself are: Where am I working? At home? In an office? in the field?

When Can I get Started?

In order to move forward and live your dream career you need to have a start date. Decide what you need to accomplish to launch your career. What training, skills, networks to do you need to put in place before you can officially start?

Once you answer the above questions you can start the planning process of creating your niche. Knowing your “who, what, where, how and why” helps break down the process so you can focus clearly on the steps you need to take to move forward. Don’t get caught up in the hoopla over how to start a business or new career before taking the fundamental to clearly identify yourself. You will save you a lot of grief in the future.

Thanks Sherrie!

Sherrie Koretke a.k.a. The Niche Clarity Coach is a Certified Professional Career Intuitive
Business Intuitive Coach/Consultant
Ordained Minister, Spiritual Healer. You can find out more about her and her services on her website:

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