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Month: January 2012

Find Magic in Your Every Day

Find Magic in Your Every Day

Tweet It’s easy to fly right by the magic that’s right there in front of you. To give you a good example, I’ll tell you a story. Why I’m Sun Obsessed I used to have bad seeing challenged eyes. Before lasik, I couldn’t read anything […]

Creative Friday: Dreaming of Summer

Creative Friday: Dreaming of Summer

Tweet We’re still heavy into winter. {If my house socks and all day robe wearing are any indication.} But while I wrap myself in multiple layers, I spend moments dreaming of summer. My latest painted calendars help with that greatly. The right one was inspired […]

Overcoming Sucky Days

Overcoming Sucky Days

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by: guest blogger

Today was just one of those days!

You probably know the kind I’m talking about. The ones that just drain all the energy from you.

You get home from work with a million things that need doing; but somehow, you just don’t seem to have any energy to do them. Instead, you end up on the couch, suddenly startled to see that it’s 11 p.m.

Where did the evening go? The TV was on, but you can’t really remember what you watched (or why).  The kids were in and out, fed and put to bed, but you were on auto pilot.


We’ve all been there, right?

I call these days the “suckies” cuz they just suck!  They suck the energy from you and they suck because they’re just rotten!

It seems like the suckies pop up in my life–like a lawn full of dandelions–when I’m most determined to make dramatic change.

The more determined I am to spend some serious time writing or creating, there they are. The suckies just won’t leave me alone!

I trudge in the door, fix some dinner, tell myself I need to sit down in the office and get some things done.  Somehow, I never seem to make it to the computer.

Ugh!  Another day down the drain, I think, frustrated.


How to Break Free of the Suckies

1. Ready? Set. CLEAR!

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where someone is using a defibrillator? Think of yourself as the patient.

You have suffered an emotional and energetic heart attack.  You need to administer a jolt to your psyche. Get yourself re-calibrated.

How? (So glad you asked)

Break up your routine.

If you normally come home and get into something more comfortable and make yourself a hearty dinner…don’t.

Instead, come home, take off the tie or jacket and stay in your “work” clothes.  Grab a healthy snack–a granola bar or some fruit/veggies.  Then get directly to work. In an hour or two, you can take a break to eat something more substantial if you need.

By that time, you’ll feel re-energized because you’ll be engaged in work that is important to you and which energizes you.

If you normally come in and try to go right to work, change it up.  Take time making yourself a delicious dinner.  Enjoy your dinner.  Then get busy with your “important” work.

The vital thing is to change it up.  Don’t let yourself settle into the normal routine.  You deserve better.  You are better than that.

2. Create a List…Or Don’t

Make a short list of the things you want to accomplish.  Stay focused.  (Or don’t)  I’m a free spirit and can be distracted easily.  I sometimes need a list.

If your life is governed by lists and you’re super-efficient, then do the opposite.  Set aside your lists and spend time reconnecting to the tasks which expand your bliss and sense of joy.

Spend some energy just enjoying the wonderful process of engagement with the work about which you are passionate.  Experience what it feels like to just be present in the creative moment and creative space. (It’s exhilarating)

3.  K.I.S.S.

We’ve all heard the maxim: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

When it comes to overcoming the “suckies,” I recommend doing something simple.  Sometimes all it takes is one small, simple action to draw us out of the suckies and help us to reconnect to our passionate work.

But I would like to modify the K.I.S.S. maxim to remind us to Keep It Small and Simple.  Don’t try to take on the whole debilitating and demoralizing project.

Just do one small and simple part.  Then do the next (and the next).  Soon, you’ll find that you have completed it.

***KISS= Keep It Small and Simple***

The Power Punch

The takeaway is to do what it takes to break yourself from your unconscious habit state and reawaken your awareness in order to engage with the power of your innate creative mind. The strength lies within you.  It simply requires a simple remembering and a small refocusing on what is important.

Now it is your turn.  What are your tips for overcoming the “suckies” in your own life? Have you used the techniques I have listed above?  How have they worked for you?

BIO: Steve Rice is the owner of TrueSpiritualAwakening.  He is an author and entrepreneur committed to creating a well-lived life and helping others to do the same. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on Facebook.

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Creative Friday: More Peace Please

Creative Friday: More Peace Please

Tweet Anyone else reluctant to take down their Christmas decorations? I am. Especially since I worked so hard on them this year sans Christmas tree. Yes, I still have them up. And will probably keep them up until the next holiday comes on by. {don’t […]

Be Shameless

Be Shameless

Tweet There’s been something weird going on with me lately. Or maybe it’s been like this for awhile. I noticed that every time I create something, I have a tinge of something. Something that comes from a deep place, but difficult to put my finger […]

Creative Friday the 13th: More Calendar Months

Creative Friday the 13th: More Calendar Months

It’s Friday again. Yay! My favorite day of the week. On top of slowly writing my little short story, I’m also working on my calendar still. The more months I add to it, the more I think they’d be real pretty on a clothesline clipped with my crafty clothespins.  But for now, they’re hanging atop my wall.

Do you know how you know you’re lucky? When your significant other says, “Wow these are my favorites so far!” And he means it.

{Even with the smudges and imperfect pear shapes.} I guess that’s love. This set was inspired by my Target cup and my Crate and Barrel catalog.

Here they are hung up in my office.

What have you been up to lately?

*By the way, today’s the last day to enter to win a free copy of How to Be Happy No Matter What! by Sarah Nagel. You can still enter here.

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The Happiest Giveaway Ever on The Inspiring Bee

The Happiest Giveaway Ever on The Inspiring Bee

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