Friday Reflections and a Life Changing Freebie

Reflecting on one of life's greatest mysteries, Stonehenge.

Yesterday, I wrote about synchronicities. And I just had another BIG one last night!

By now, you probably know that I am a huge fan of author Gregg Levoy’s book Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life.

If you had any doubt, here are all of the blogs I wrote about that included quotes from his book:

I Followed My Calling

I’ve been meaning to google the author because I was so enamored with his book. I finally listened to the “calling” and was astonished to see that he was going to be in my neighborhood.

“Aw,” I said to myself. He already came.”

But then I checked the date and realized he was talking about his book tonight! There was no way that there would be any tickets left, but I called the office just in case.

Guess what?

There were tickets and the woman there would hold it for me.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

I just got back from the event. It was 2 hours and a half and I not only got my book signed (rabbit bitten and used), but I had a chance to tell the author how much I admired him and his book.

I’m still smiling from all of the synchronistic events that had to occur in order for me to be in this moment.

  • I had to have gone to Portland’s famous bookstore Powell’s two years ago.
  • I had to have found that used $7.95 book in the mash of many stories of books.
  • Then, I needed to read the book, search for the author’s name by yesterday, not today.
  • And there had to be tickets left to see the event.


The universe is working hard.

I wrote a book load of notes and will share it with you next week.

But until then, I just wanted to end with a thought.

If you open yourself up to the possibility that you can co-create your life, that if you bring your whole self and desires to play, you can have everything you want and more.

A Freebie

I also wanted to end with this.’s sharing a Martha Beck life coach’s Five Level Improvement Program. Go to that link and you can begin discovering more about yourself, your wants and your goals.

Have a great weekend!



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