How to Relax and Enjoy Motherhood

My next workshop will be held on Saturday, March 28 at the Healing Arts Center in Aiea. I’m really excited about this one. In addition to the fact that space is beautiful, and air conditioned (thank god!), I’ve also lined up a massage therapist and a creative arts journaling exercise by a mom and a teacher. This workshop is for you if you’re looking for the following:

1) Respite from your busy and crazy life as a mom.

2) Connection with other moms.

3) Tips on how to enjoy the moment more.

4) Creative tools to destress and help you slow down.

5) Reconnection with yourself and what truly matters in your life.

If you’re interested, please email me or keep checking for information on how to register. Prepaying for the workshop will save you money and registration and payment will need to be done before the workshop date.

I look forward to seeing all of you!

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Still Stressed? Find Out Why Here


Stress can be debilitating. It can interfere with your creativity. It can burn you out at best. At worst, it can cause chronic illnesses, diseases and even death. But perhaps you’ve just returned from a vacation, spa retreat or one of my stress management workshops, but you’re still stressed. Why hasn’t that healing and relaxing activity been enough to calm you down?

Stress comes in many forms. Acute stress is most common and occurs from short-term situational events such as going skydiving or getting in a car accident.

Symptoms of acute stress include:

  • Emotional distress such as depression, anxiety and irritability.
  • Muscular problems such as tension headaches, back pain and jaw pain.
  • Digestion issues such as stomach ache, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • High blood pressure, sweaty palms, cold hands and feet, dizziness and heart palpitations.

People can also suffer from episodic acute stress, which is enduring high level of stress for longer periods of time. A good representation of that is type A personalities who may have an exciting, but constantly chaotic and crisis-filled life.

Common symptoms include the following:

  • Headaches that don’t go away, migraines, and hypertension.

If you’re enduring episodic acute stress, you may need professional help to support you in a complete lifestyle change to return you to a healthier way of being.

Chronic stress sufferers deal with day-to-day stress of having to endure work, family or other circumstances that feel unending and uncontrollable. They see no way out and may begin to accept and ignore their stress and get to a point where they begin to feel comfortable by it. Chronic stress however, can be fatal leading to heart attack, cancer, stroke and even suicide and violence. For more information on these types of stressors, you can read the full article on the American Psychological Association’s website.

Which type of stress are you currently enduring?

If you’ve experienced an acute stressor, you may still need time to heal, grieve and process the situation. Give your body and mind time to recoup and come down from an intensely stressful situation. Journal. Reflect. Share your story. Continue to practice deep breathing, and other stress management techniques.

If you’re someone who is constantly stressed because of your personality and crazy lifestyle, you many need professional support, help and encouragement to make drastic changes to slow down.

If you’re a chronically stressed out, acknowledgement that you’re stressed and need help are the first steps in getting back your life.

In all three situations, practicing stress management routinely can significantly help.

It’s taken sometimes a lifetime to accumulate stress. It’s taken a difficult childhood or a belief that success means never taking a break. It’s going to take some time to change your perception and lifestyle. Keep practicing healthy stress management techniques and you will start to feel relief.

Don’t think you’re stressed?

Take this quiz to find out how stressed you really are.

If you’re interested in receiving more information on stress management and get details on my latest workshop, fill out the form below.

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A Cheap & Easy DIY Toddler Costume

Every year for Halloween my challenge is this. Create a costume out of the things you have or do it as cheaply as you can.

A few ideas from Halloween’s past include:

1. Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin Pi


2. A basketball player and movie star couple.

3. Trash. To make this one I stuck double-sided tape on a shirt, grabbed newspaper and recycled paper balled them up and stuck them on it.

This year with a toddler to dress up, I decided to attempt a DIY costume. Bam Bam from Flintstones seemed easiest. And it was. I didn’t even use a sewing machine or measuring tape to create it.

All I needed were the following:

  • Square pieces of precut fabric from Walmart ($3 total)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Velcro
  1. I basically folded and cut the brown fabric to create Bam Bam’s sash. Then, hand sewed it together.
  2. I cut a bone out of white felt and sewed around it.
  3. Next I cut a hole in the brown fabric and threaded the bone through it and sewed it in.
  4. Bam Bam’s bottom was pretty easy as well. I just sewed velcro strips to hold the “skirt” together, cut the bottom of the leopard fabric for that raggedly look and then sewed the sash onto it.

Here are the results:

And with the little one and his daddy:

Barney and Bam Bam

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On What it’s Really Like Being a Mom

{Etsy print by kmberggren}

{Etsy print by kmberggren}

I think I might have been a) in denial b) not paying attention c) intentionally left in the dark

on the day my friends, caregivers, teachers and family members talked about or kept silent about having children.

Because I don’t remember anyone telling me the following:

  1. I would age faster than the President of the United States.
  2. The pregnancy mask would stay and permanently turn me into a raccoon face.
  3. That Babies R’Us would suddenly do to me what women’s clothing and makeup stores used to do for me.
  4. I would suddenly turn into my mom.
  5. How painful childbirth is.
  6. How physically exhausting being a parent is.
  7. How your friendships will change.
  8. How everything you ever thought you knew about yourself, your partner and life would change. Forever.
  9. That trips anywhere (even to the restroom) would be a giant feat.
  10. That a good day would look like a relatively clean house, a relatively clean baby and a relatively clean me.

Those are all the bad things. Because seriously motherhood is a strange thing. Vomit-inducing and heart-wrenchingly painful, and an amazing blessing all wrapped up in one messy basket of crazy indescribable fun.

And the most surprising thing of all of this is that I’m writing it. I never thought I would be a parent. It was not my dream. But being the mother of my son is the best and the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and this being my first one ever, I thought I’d share the good, bad and the ugly. Truthfully, the good parts were also surprising. I didn’t know, for example…

How much you could love another human being or that my love for him would trump my love for any furry friend I’ve ever owned. I didn’t know it was possible to go gaga googly eyes over a baby or that I could fall in love again (after my husband). I didn’t realize that life could get profoundly more meaningful or that I would want to be better, healthier and stronger for someone else. I didn’t know being a mother could be something to be proud of, that you earned it and that it would be harder than any other title I’d ever been given.

I never knew how much I could do with a pathetic amount of sleep. Being a mom pushes me past what I thought I was capable of physically and emotionally. And it’s continually inspired me personally and professionally.

I’m both grateful for the people who didn’t tell me about it so I could find out for myself and mad that I didn’t know about it sooner. But I’m writing this so you will know. Or relate. But hope you’ll spread the word. Motherhood is a lot more complicated, messy and insanely beautiful than we might think it is.

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