How a Freelance Writer Created Her Own Successful Musical in Hawaii

Tweet I first learned about Marcia Zina Mager in the most unlikely of places. Craigslist. It was last year and I was trolling the site for writing jobs when I came across her writing coaching services ad and I was intrigued, so much so that I asked if she could contribute to my writing blog. The

Weekend Project: From Crate to Bookshelf

Tweet My two-year old son’s nursery was itching to become a big boy’s room. But with another one on the way, we just haven’t had time to make the switch. That hasn’t kept me from wanting to upgrade it a little. Like take this end table. It was being taken over by oodles and oodles

Making Room for the Grumps

Tweet I have to admit that it’s been difficult to stay like this =) when I feel like this =(. It’s been hard because my grandma recently passed away. It’s been a challenge with my relative’s recent surgery. It’s been annoying cause of the weather. But if I was honest with myself, there are always

The Gift of Creativity

Tweet I have and continue to struggle with this. How do I put paintbrush to canvas, fingers to keyboard and present my thoughts and beliefs to a large audience when I’m not sure what will happen to it once I release it into the world. In other words, “If a tree falls in a forest

Five Ways to Help Your Child Unwind and Recharge this Summer Break

Tweet By Michele Kambolis, Child and Family Therapist & Author of Generation Stressed With school doors closed for summer, parents are left wondering just how to make the most of this precious time. While some pack in sports camps and even summer tutoring, others question whether there should be any plan at all. You’ll easily

Quick and Simple Ways to Relax Now

Tweet This past Sunday, I managed to accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time-divulge my secrets to help people relax. [You can read more about the event I spoke at here.] It made me even more passionate about spreading my message. We’re all so eager to get physically healthy, but rarely