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5 Ways to Inject Spirituality & Meaning Into Your Every Day

Tweet Bored with your daily life? It’s actually simple and easy to transform the mundane into the magical. If you can carve out a few minutes into your busy schedule, you’ve got time to infuse meaning right now. 1) Meditate…. Continue Reading →

The Uninspiring Life of a Writer

Tweet There are many uninspiring moments in a writer’s life. There are moments of thinking. There are the lulls in between projects and assignments. There is the soft click of the keyboard and then the unsettling sound of pauses in between…. Continue Reading →

How Your Inner Critic Can Help Heal Your Life

Tweet Every once in awhile it’ll creep in. The familiar voice that berates me for not publishing a book yet. The nag that tells me I’m not talented. I’m not “good enough.” The critic who agrees with every insensitive attack on… Continue Reading →

A Wrinkle for Your Thoughts

Tweet When someone hurts you, when you lose a job, when you’re disappointed in any way, probably someone has said, “Don’t worry. They can’t take away that from you.” They can take your things, but not your pride, not your… Continue Reading →

I Mustache You a Question: Was it Fun?

Tweet Our son’s 1st birthday party is finally been and gone. Just like the year. It’s hard for me not to reflect back without Rent in my head: Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes Five hundred twenty five… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Have an Inspiring Summer

Tweet Summer is peeking from under the spring showers. It’s finally here! Here’s how to transform the next warm months into a real Midsummer Night’s Dream: 1) Spend the night under the stars. Take a tent or a sleeping bag… Continue Reading →

Get Reconnected

Tweet On my last post, I delved into the signs of spiritual disconnection. Funny how we’re so plugged in these days with everything, but the things we should be plugged into. It just feels more productive to do the laundry… Continue Reading →

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