Meaning-Making Mom

Tweet It may seem obvious to you. My husband said aren’t purpose living and meaning making natural parts of being a mom? It’s true that there’s nothing like seeing your child crawl for the first time, say your name or simply smile that makes life magical. But I think all moms reach for something deeper.

5 Habits of Successful People You Know

Tweet You’re no different from me. You know uber successful people and ones that only talk about success. If you’ve spent any time studying them, you’ll have discovered a few interesting ingredients that separates the two. In order to make all your dreams come true in 2016, I think it’s pertinent to understand the difference.

The Surprising Trick to Figure Out Your Life Purpose

Tweet What if the key to discovering your true purpose lied hidden, placed somewhere you never looked? What if it’s not in your strengths that reveal your passion, but your weaknesses? Is it possible that the qualities you thought were your worst traits are actually your strongest? Could it be that others have deemed them

How a Freelance Writer Created Her Own Successful Musical in Hawaii

Tweet I first learned about Marcia Zina Mager in the most unlikely of places. Craigslist. It was last year and I was trolling the site for writing jobs when I came across her writing coaching services ad and I was intrigued, so much so that I asked if she could contribute to my writing blog. The

Weekend Project: From Crate to Bookshelf

Tweet My two-year old son’s nursery was itching to become a big boy’s room. But with another one on the way, we just haven’t had time to make the switch. That hasn’t kept me from wanting to upgrade it a little. Like take this end table. It was being taken over by oodles and oodles