Happy Valentine’s Day!


I was going to skip this post. Mostly because I already wrote one here and here, and I’m trying my darnedest to reduce my workload and learn to savor more. Plus, Valentine’s Day is such a commercial holiday. All that pressure to get the most thoughtful gift or the most expensive one is exhausting and unnecessary. Not to mention what it does to people who are single.

{This just in. Imagine this as a news ticker running horizontally below this post. I did a Twitter scan and realize I’m not the only one who’s not thrilled about V-day. The people I’m following either hate it, avoid it or spending time doing more fun things (running, etc.)}

It’s not that I don’t enjoy presents or celebrating special occasions, but I just don’t appreciate the pressure that comes with it. I think it affected me more being single than it means something to me being married. It’s just a reminder that society thinks you’re not complete enough if you don’t have a romantic partner to share chocolates and wine with.

It’s like Deepak Chopra said:

“If love is universal, no one can be left out.”

So today while you’re going about your day, take time to remake the holiday.

Yes I feel lucky and fortunate and blessed that I have someone I love to share my life with. But I also believe that special someone could be a life-long friend, family member, pet or even yourself.

For today, my husband and I are going to have a vegetarian lunch at a Buddhist church and probably spend the night having dinner and watching TV (like what we normally do). And somewhere in-between I’m going to indulge in something nice with the person I’ve neglected too often-myself. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.

Happy Valentine’s!


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Creative Friday: Homemade Valentine’s Cards

I thought about sending traditional Valentine’s Day cards from the store this year. It was a no-brainer. But when I really thought about it, it just didn’t make any sense. I had hundreds of extra envelopes leftover from my wedding invitations and Paper-Source blank bookmarks that I never used. Thinking that it would be cheaper and more personal to create my own, I decided to scrap my original boring idea and work on a homemade bookmark/V-day card instead.

Here are the results:

The middle cards were super easy. For the second time, I reused old mini calendars (because I loved the graphic design on them), and cut mini hearts out of the leftovers. I used double-sided tape to adhere them to the premade bookmarks and then tied leftover wedding ribbon through each. The bookmark on the right was hand-painted and the first bookmark on the left was created with beads, leftover cross-stitch thread, paint and hearts from the mini calendars. They were the perfect recipe for reuse and upcycle Valentine’s day cards.

I just threw in a local chocolate and the bookmark into these perfectly sized wedding invite envelopes and I was done. Hope my family likes them!

Oh and I found leftover labels too. It was a great way to add my stamp and send them off with a short message.

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Forgive Me Fellow Friends…

while I sit down and sleep.

{found on pinterest}

Lately, I’ve been having dreams that tell me things like, “Slow down. Savor more.” No joke. But the irony is that I can’t sleep. I take this as a sign that my health’s wonky again so I probably need to take it down a notch.

This also means checking Facebook and Twitter may be excruciating these days because it’s an energy sucker that reminds me of all the things I won’t be doing in the next few days.

Forgive me while I take a slumber and take care of myself.

Have you done that lately?

Have you been running the never-ending treadmill because you’re “dying” to catch up with the rest of the world? Or have you been shutting down early these days in favor of sweet slumber and family QT (quality time)? I hope you’ve been choosing the latter. And you don’t need a blog wake up call to remind you that walking on the wild side isn’t meant to be a permanent thing. Unless you want to wake up with an irreversible disease. Not fun.

But if you do need a wake up call, I’m happy to offer it. Read day 1 of my Get More by Doing Less Challenge to start.

We’re barely gracing the surface of 2012, let’s keep trudging on. But can we do it at a turtle pace? Can we walk quietly for the sake of feeling the dirt beneath our feet instead of running quick to get to the end of the road?

Valentine’s for You

And while I’m at it, I’m vowing to make February the month of self-love. Anyone else with me?

Instead of paper hearts and sweet chocolates, I’m devoting the short month to taking care of myself. (P.S. Part of my self-care was getting crafty so I made both in a DIY Valentine for family members. Will share those soon.)

This means:

  • you have permission to make a dent on your couch for a whole day watching bad TV and catching up on never read, but meant to read magazines.
  • it’s okay if the laundry isn’t done, the dishes are piled up and the floor needs sweeping.
  • saying, “No” is not only an option, but that it may be necessary.
  • saying, “Yes” to yourself is mandatory.
  • that you will for one hour a week (at least) put yourself first.
  • that it’s okay to spoil yourself and forgive those that see it as selfish and don’t see the value of doing so. {they’re just jealous}

For me, this means a haircut I’ve been meaning to get, more time lying doing nothing, meditating and feeling okay with missing the gym every once in awhile. I vow to take care of myself before I get sick. I don’t want to get a double dose of sickies again (I caught the flu and a cold in one month recently).

If you’re in and want to celebrate with me, let me know what you’re going to vow to do this February.

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